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About this website and then about Yours Truley.
This website is a copy (in a way,maybe better) of the main website “The Neon Sign Guy”
and “The Neon Sign Guy” website is actually the second website because the first website i built was “Seacoast” back in 2006, well it all started when i got a call from the production manager of a Sign company i was working for in the city of Oceanside,can’t say the name to protect the inocent, but it starts with Federal, that’s all i can say.
Can’t complain about the ┬ácompany for a while i had more work than i needed, worked 12 hours a day from monday thru Friday and 8 hours on Saturday,and i could have worked on Sundays also if i wanted.But like i said after 7 years there i got a call form the manager, and he said the words nobody wants to hear “Sorry but we have to let you go” it sounded kinda weird, like they wanted to free me, like i wanted to go and they finally were letting my will prevail and were letting me go. So i gathered my tings and out i go, i really was happy to go because i would finally be able to put up my own business.
Which i did , i had saved some money and that helped me buy my neon equipment, after a few months i was selling neon by myself and having a great time, so that is why i started making my websites, they all contribute a bit to sell neon.
I can’t say it’s been smooth sailing, it’s been more like a roller coaster ride, but this time i don’t have anywhere else to go, i have to make it work , i am 62 years old and i don’t think anybody would like to hire a senior citizen, so this neon business has to work, it’s been working for a while now but like a roller coaster it has its ups and downs.