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Neon sign Repair

This website is intended to help you solve any problem you have with your Neon Sign and Neon Sign Repair.
You will find all the technical information refering to neon sign repair.The only situation in which you will need a glass bender to help you is when there is a broken glass section.To repair a broken neon glass section you need special equipment and skills to repair the neon section or make a new one ,you can see the video of the whole process here “neon manufacturing and repair process” .But there is still a lot you can do to reduce the cost of the repair and get that neon sign working again. If you need a quote on repairing a broken glass please send me a photo of your sign and the broken section ,that way i can give you an acurate price.Send them to or send to (951) 306-6628 . If you have any questions please e-mail them or call.If i don’t answer the phone that’s because i have my hands full bending glass , please leave a message and i will return the call as soon as possible.If you need any neon sign replacements parts including transformers please visit my other or visit the page on this website “Neon Sign Replacement Parts”where you’ll find them for sale.

For a quote on a Neon Sign Repair Please E-mail or call

(951) 306-6628

Information needed about your sign for an exact quote
2 photos of your sign,one of the complete sign,one of the broken section
Your location to calculate shipping cost .
You can e-mail the photos or send them via cell phone to the phone number above

If you are local,the best way is to bring the complete sign in for repair.
If you are not local you can ship the broken section to us for repair.Please watch the videos on how to take a neon section out of a neon sign Click Here For Video

 Neon sign Transformers


Click on the photo or HERE and you will be directed to my other website where you can buy the transformers you need .

Neon Sign Accessories;

Neon Glass Tube Supports
Electro Rubber Covers
Block out Paint
GTO Neon Connection Wire
Neon Transformer Switch
Stainless Steel Wire for Tube supports

neon sign accessories

Click on the image above and it will take you to my other website where you can buy the accessories.